Concept & Scripting

We work with you to come up with an engaging concept that helps you naturally attract and engage new clients.

"Talking Head" Video Interviews

If a specific person (or people) in your organization have a message they want to deliver directly, we can make that happen. Great for A-roll as well!

Drone Video

Get those sweeping panoramas and breathtaking aerial views. We use a Mavic Pro for a great balance of 4K quality and mobility.

Separate Audio Recording and Lighting

We like to record audio separately with things like the Rode NTG4+ and Zoom H4+ Pro. It tends to deliver MUCH better quality audio than your typical "run and gun". We also use external LED lighting panels and diffusion for a much better overall effect than other lighting methods provide.

Post Production

We can take care of all post-production editing, which can often be the most time consuming creative process. Everything from color grading, to exporting for social media.

Marketing Your Video

A marketing or promotional video is only as good as it's distribution. We can help consult how best to get your video seen and heard.


Step 1 - Consultation

Creativity is massively important when putting together a video for your business. But to be effective and have successful outcomes, we start off every quote with a free consultation. We try to outline what your goals are and start to build a framework of your expectations. How many locations, how many people, where will this video be hosted, etc... The goal is to set you up for success from day one!

Step 2 - Brainstorming

Once we have a general outline of your goals, we will have a T212 Planning meeting to make sure that we feel we can help you meet those goals with our capabilities. We'll review all your plans and suggest edits as our team brainstorms ideas, equipment and concepts. We'll ask you clarifying questions to make sure we're all on the same page. This can sometimes take a few weeks or a few days depending on the scope of the project.

Step 3 - Quote

If we get clarity on your expectations, feel like we have a solid plan in place that you'll absolutely love and the tech to do it all, we'll submit a quote to you. Once that is agreed upon, we usually require a deposit of half the total project cost and require the other half upon completion.

General Pricing

(Guideline Only - Call For Quote)

Contact For Quote

Mobile Setup (Minimal Lighting and Audio)

1/2 Day of Shooting

1 Location

1 Interview

Post Production

1 Minute Final Product

Free Advertisement on Explore Washington State for 1 Year

Contact For Quote

Standard Setup (3 Lights | External Audio)

6-8 Hour Shoot

Help With Concept and Scripting

Up To 2 Locations

Up to 2 Interviews

1 Drone Session

Post Production with Graphic Overlays (Non-Animated)

Approx. 2 Minute Final Product

One Blog Post With One-Time FB Share on Explore Washington State Page

Free Advertisement on Explore Washington State for 1 Year

Contact For Quote

Premium Setup (3 Lights | External Audio | Teleprompter (if needed) | Stedicam | Slides)

6-8 Hour Shoot

Up To 2 Locations

Up to 3 Interviews

Up to 2 Drone Sessions

Post Production with Graphic Overlays (Animated)

Approx. 2-3 Minute Final Product

One Blog Post With One-Time FB Share on Explore Washington State Page

$300 for Boosted FB Post to Relevant Audience (Managed By Us)

Free Advertisement on Explore Washington State for 1 Year

Filming in Street 2

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    Get started with a video for your business that won't break the bank!

    Take that next step in your business and let us help you create AFFORDABLE and ENGAGING videos that showcase the unique value that your business provides.

    Each project gets started with an initial consultation... the prices above are only guidelines because each project is custom quoted to suit your business's individual needs. Contact us today... we'd love to hear what you're thinking!