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Cloudview Farms – Ephrata, WA

Fall is one of my favorite times to travel with the family. Leaving Tacoma around 9am, our destination this Saturday morning was the annual Cloudview Farm Festival in Ephrata, WA. The forecast was sunny with a high of 65, but that was on the other side of the mountains of course.

Just past Snoqualmie, we stopped off to visit friends… let’s just say that a fire was a welcome sight. Even in the rain, Washington is still beautiful. As it turns out, getting over the mountains did the trick, and the it was clear skies from Ellensburg to Ephrata. Oh, and that farm festival…it turned out to be some serious fun.

About Cloudview Farms

Cloudview Farms promotes local agriculture through education and the growing and selling of high-quality sustainably grown produce. This non-profit farm serves as a safe space for farmers try out new techniques and ideas, and the entire operation is run as a non-profit. Considering that the average plate full of food on an American table has traveled 1500 miles before being eaten, Cloudview farms is a pretty cool resource for those living in Moses Lake, Ephrata and surrounding communities.

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