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Maglight Flashlight Review | Midsize 2-Cell LED

Maglite flashlights have a long-standing reputation for quality, durability, and reliability. And their 2-Cell LED Flashlight is no exception. Small enough to fit into tight spots around the house but also hefty enough to withstand daily use on the jobsite, this medium-sized flashlight is a great all around option for the homeowner or professional tradesman.

Now if you’ve ever held a maglight before, you know that they feel rock solid in your hand… while still being perfectly balanced so it doesn’t feel like a strain to hold for extended periods of time. We’ve had this flashlight for quite some time, and yet, aside from a few scratches, the exterior is in remarkablely good shape. The hardened barrel, head and tail cap are water resistant and drop resistant up to one meter. The tail cap comes off to reveal an O-ring to keep water OUT and a battery spring to, well, keep the batteries in. This particular model takes 2 D Cell Alkaline Batteries and has a run time of just under 7 hours.

The barrel of the flashlight is etched with a diamond knurl grip (yep, we have no idea what a diamond knurl is, but it sounds quite sturdy). The main power switch feels solid and is sealed to provide more water resistance. The head of the flashlight comes fully loaded with a face cap, clear lens, O-ring and the like. And, just as you would expect, you can rotate the head of the flashlight while holding the body to change the from spot to flood mode. The beam distance is up to 412 meters at 168 lumens.

The only downsides to this product is that the tail cap can be a bit tight when trying to replace the batteries, but since you probably won’t be replacing the batteries all that often, it’s a brief struggle that can be easily overlooked.

All of these great features have been packed into one great flashlight that simply delivers what you want from a flashlight, namely to give you light when you need it. The reliability and toughness of this flashlight ensure that you won’t have to replace it every year, and you can trust that you’ll have dependable light in situations where you’ll need it the most. Maglite has garnered a lot of respect from consumers and professionals throughout the years, and that’s primarily due to their quality products that are built tough enough to survive in real world conditions.

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